Thursday, June 28, 2012

NOTD 6/28/12: Chanel Graphite

Happy almost Friday! 
If you're like me, you've been wearing neons since April in preparation for summer. But now that summer is here, I kind of miss dark, vampy, fall and winter colors. I'll still wear all my brights this summer but I need to get this out of my system right now...
Today's NOTD is one of the most popular fall colors last year, Chanel Graphite. 

 Shown is two coats of Graphite plus top coat

All the different colored shimmer...mmmm
This color is so amazing and complex. It's crazy metallic and sparkly, gold and silver at the same time, and has all different colored shimmer that peaks out in the right light. Click on the pictures to view them full size and bask in the beauty.
I love wearing metallic and foils- I think they make such a great statement and go with everything. Also they dry super fast which is awesome for a quick and sophisticated manicure.
Tons of brands way cheaper and comparable formula-wise to Chanel have dupes of it, most recent and easily accessible being OPI's Number One Nemesis from the Spiderman (ANDREW GARFIELD) Collection. I don't have it so I can't compare, but I've heard it's pretty spot on. I think Chanel polishes are up to $26 now (which is insane) but I bought this when it was $25. Not the most expensive polish I own, but ridiculous and not worth it when there are dupes. Nonetheless, I love this color though and will continue to enjoy it during the fall :)

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NOTD 6/26/12: China Glaze Exotic Encounters & CND Effects Ice BlueShimmer

Hello! Today's NOTD is using two polishes I picked up yesterday from 88 Beauty Supply. I topped China Glaze Exotic Encounters from their new fall collection, On Safari, with CND Effects Ice Blue Shimmer. Shown is two coats of Exotic Encounters, one coat of Ice Blue Shimmer, and top coat




Showing the true color of Exotic Encounters

Picking up the purple duochrome

So pretty!

China Glaze describes Exotic Encounters as a "lush green creme with blue undertones". It looks to me like a deep teal cream and I absolutely love it. I'll definitely wear it alone in the fall. Ice Blue Shimmer is a sheer topcoat loaded with blue and purple duochrome microshimmer but looks frosty in the shade. Everytime I look at it it's different and it is amazing with Exotic Encounters. Both formulas were superb and a joy to work with!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

88 Beauty Supply Haul

Hello! Today I have a haul from 88 Beauty Supply, which most of you probably know as, a discount nail polish supplier. I once had a bad experience when ordering from them, which involved them sending me the wrong polish and it never got resolved. I decided to give it another try when I discovered that 88 Beauty is located only half an hour away from where I live and I could pick up my polishes in person (another reason I haven't reordered from them is that their shipping is expensive). That way I could ensure my order was correct.  Little did I know I had stumbled across something amazing...

The first thing I noticed when I walked into 88 Beauty was the overwhelming bad smell of nail polish. I had a headache within 5 minutes and my sister had to stay outside while my mom and I shopped. The second thing I noticed was SO MUCH NAIL POLISH. More than I'd ever seen in my life in one place. Tons of old and current collections from OPI, China Glaze, Orly, CND, Color Club, Essie and a few other brands I'd never heard of for the same prices you find at any discount e-tailers. There was also walls of nail art supplies, nail care supplies, and more. I thought I'd just be picking up my polishes from a obviously I bought more.
Let's get to the haul:

China Glaze: Exotic Encounters (On Safari), Kalahari Kiss (On Safari), Make Some Noise (Electropop), and Beach Cruise(r) (Summer Neons).

CND Effects Ice Blue Shimmer, Amethyst Sparkle, and Sapphire Sparkle.

Ice Blue Shimmer (my favorite from the haul)

Amethyst Sparkle

Sapphire Sparkle (blue and purple shimmer duochrome)

And of course...
Seche Vite top coat (my baby)

I didn't go too crazy- I was overwhelmed by the smell and the amount of polishes. I've never tried CND so I'm definitely the most excited to try those. Look out for a NOTD post coming tomorrow using one!
I spent half as much (or less) than I would have if I had bought this amount of polishes at Ulta or Sally's and I definitely recommend checking out 88 Beauty Supply if you live on Long Island (they are located in Bay Shore). 
Check out their website:

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NOTD 6/20/12: Periwinkle & Brown Dots

Hi everyone! Today I did a twist on a regular polka dotted manicure using China Glaze Electric Beat for the base and Essie Little Brown Dress for the dots.

Shown is two coats of Electric Beat plus two coats of topcoat
Electric Beat is a dusty periwinkle cream and Little Brown Dress is a highly glossy dark chocolate brown. Both colors have solid formulas (I've worn LBD before) that I experience no problems with during application. I love the way these two look together.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons Swatches

Hi! Today I have swatches of seven of the polishes from the China Glaze Summer Neons collection. I recently ordered Beach Cruise-r online, so I'll update this post when I have it, but for the meantime I have these to show you.

Shown is two coats plus top coat
Flirty Tankini-a "shimmery strawberry smoothie pink". I don't know about you, but if I ever got a strawberry smoothie this color I wouldn't drink it. It's more like a neon coral with coral shimmer in it.

Shown is three coats plus topcoat
I'm With The Lifeguard- a "glimmering lime green". It looks like a lime green with electric currents sent through it, it's amazing.

Shown is two coats plus topcoat
Hang-Ten Toes- a "bubblegum neon with iridescent purple shimmer". I actually have this on my toes right now and I love it.

Shown is two coats plus topcoat
Love's A Beach- a "sizzling hot pink". This looks almost identical to Hang-Ten Toes in the bottle, and even in some of my pictures, but they are definitely unique in their own way. Love's A Beach is a darker neon pink with pink shimmer, whereas Hang-Ten Toes has iridescent blue and purple shimmer.

Shown is two coats plus topcoat 
Pink Plumeria- a "light pink with gold shimmer". I showed you this polish the other day when I wore it a full manicure. The gold shimmer definitely came out in the sun, but indoors it just looks like a light neon pink with silvery/pink shimmer. 

Shown is three coats plus topcoat
Sun-Kissed- a "hot highlighter yellow". It almost seems more chartreuse than yellow which makes it unique in my collection. I wore this as a full manicure sometime last week and I was so surprised by how easily it applied for a neon yellow. This would be my second favorite neon yellow, after my beloved Illamasqua Rare, which also applies like a dream.

Shown is two coats plus topcoat
Surfin' For Boys- a "glistening bright coral". You can tell my the photo how bright it is, it looks like it's glowing. It has a lot of pink shimmer in it as well.

I love what I have of this collection. I love wearing neons in the summer and these are all really unique and eye-catching. My one problem with some of the shades in the collection is that the shimmer in a few settled at the bottom of the bottle after sitting for a while. This wasn't that big a deal, I just shook it and let it sit for a few minutes before I began swatching.
A Sally's employee told me this collection was a Sally's exclusive, but that is not true. They are now available at all the popular etailers for half the price, so I suggest you pick some up if you love neons as much as I do.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NOTD 6/12/12: China Glaze Pink Plumeria

Hi! Today I got a lovely package in the mail from Sally's filled with the amazing polishes from China Glaze's Summer Neons collection. Today I wore Pink Plumeria:

Shown is 3 coats plus topcoat
China Glaze describes it as "light pink with gold shimmer". I definitely see gold shimmer in the bottle but the gold doesn't translate well on the nail. Regardless, I LOVE THIS POLISH (and the entire collection). The formula is great for a neon and the color is perfect for summer.

Thanks for looking!

First post!

I've had the idea to start a nail blog for a while and have decided to take the plunge. I've always thought "my pictures won't be good enough" and "my stash isn't big enough" and "there's nothing new I can introduce". I realize now that I don't care. I want to be able to connect with others who have the same passion for nails and share whatever I can with the world.
To kick off my blog, I've decided to show you my best friend in the world.

This is one of seven of my beautiful cats, Bela. You'll probably be seeing a lot of her :)

Thanks for looking!