Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! Today, I have three polishes from Essie's new Mirror Metallics collection for fall. I was super excited for this collection because they looked like dupes for China Glaze's Khrome collection that came out a few years ago. I've tried to track all those polishes down but I'm still missing two, including Millennium (chrome silver) which I wanted the most :(. Khrome polishes are either unavailable even on eBay or sold for way more than retail price. I think I paid $20 for one and $15 for another ..ouch. A few are still available for cheap on etailers though.
BUT now there are exact (formula) dupes for them easily found in drugstores! 
Nothing Else Metals. One coat, no top coat. Sunlight.
 Nothing Else Metals. Shade.
Penny Talk. One coat, no top coat. Sunlight.
Penny Talk. Shade.
No Place Like Chrome. Two coats, top coat. Sunlight.
No Place Like Chrome. Shade.
Nothing Else Metals is a chrome pale lavender. 
Penny Talk is a chrome rose gold.
No Place Like Chrome is a chrome silver.
I am IN LOVE with these. They are 5 minute, go with everything, eye catching, attention grabbing polishes. All you need is one coat, no base coat, no top coat. That's it. I prefer not to use a base coat with these because they drag a lot and leave bald spots. They chip fast without a top coat, but if all you need is a quick mani for the night, no top coat is required. 
I wore two coats and a top coat on NPLC is because I'm wearing it as a full mani right now :). As I'm typing I can't stop staring at it!
I bought mine at CVS for $8.49 each. They should be much cheaper on etailers but I personally couldn't wait for shipping to get my hands on them!

Check out a comparisons of Essie vs. China Glaze and a bonus cat picture!
Essie Nothing Else Metals (left) & China Glaze Sci-Fi.
Both one coat, no top coat.
Sci-Fi is more blue than NEM. Not dupes, but close.

For the life of me, I cannot find my bottle of China Glaze Robotika. I can tell you, from memory, that Penny Talk and Robotika are exact dupes. I've worn Robotika about a dozen times (it's one of my all time favorites) so I know a dupe when I see one.

I don't own China Glaze Millennium, so I can't compare it to No Place Like Chrome. From pictures I've seen, they seem extremely similar and NPLC was enough to satisfy my need for Millennium. 

Missy sitting outside with me while I took pictures..probably stalking out her next prey. 
She loves to catch mice :(
Thanks for reading!

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