Tuesday, July 24, 2012

NOTD 7/24/12: Cookies & Creme

Hello! Today I have a super simple but really eye-catching and interesting manicure. It's a version of a "glitter and jelly sandwich", which you can achieve by layering a glitter polish between coats of a jelly or sheer polish. This makes the nail look multidimensional and SO COOL. I chose a white jelly polish, OPI Don't Touch My Tutu! and L.A. Girl Uninhibited to create a cookies and creme effect. Check it out!

 Two coats DTMT!, one coat Uninbitited, two coats DTMT!, topcoat. Sunlight.
Almost reminds me of a Dalmatian's spots!

Don't Touch My Tutu is a white jelly and Uninhibited is a black glitter in a clear base with small and large hexagonal particles.

I really love this manicure. All of the OPI NYC Ballet shades are fantastic, so Don't Touch My Tutu! was a pleasure to work with. Uninhibited is one of my favorite glitters, it makes any manicure so interesting and badass. It is also super cheap ($2.99 I think, online) so it is definitely worth it! I find myself using it all the time over different polishes and always loving the results.

See a cat picture!

Soso is so photogenic...

Thanks for reading!

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