Saturday, November 3, 2012

NOTD 11/03/12: Happy Halloween?

Happy belated Halloween, everybody! You can probably guess from the timing that it's belated because of the hurricane. I live in lower Manhattan, and my building was evacuated earlier this week, so unfortunately I didn't have my camera to upload pictures and post this manicure. I'm happy I was able to do Halloween nails at all! Even though Halloween was cancelled, these nails still kept me in the Halloween spirit. Here is China Glaze Fortune Teller.

One coat black, two coats Fortune Teller, plus top coat. Flash.

Fortune Teller (as you probably know) is a black jelly with different sized orange glitter. I had always thought it was really rare and hard to find, but I picked it up on eBay for about $7. Score!

I really wanted to mattify this after wearing it glossy, but it was chipped and gross by the time I was allowed back in my dorm (and reunited with my collection) today. I'm going to remove the remains shortly after posting this. 

I have family on Long Island and Staten Island and fortunately everyone is fine. I hope you all on the East Coast stayed safe during the hurricane and my heart goes out to those that suffered a loss.

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