Saturday, November 10, 2012

NOTD 11/10/12: Zoya Gilty

Happy Saturday! Today I am super excited to show you a new holiday set from Zoya that you've already seen. It's the Guilty Pleasures trio that includes Raven, Purity, and Gilty, Zoya's new gold flake top coat. I put Gilty over Raven for this manicure and I love it so much that I plan on wearing it over Purity soon.

Raven alone: two coats. Flash.
Two coats Raven, one coat Gilty plus topcoat. Flash.

In order to get the amount of gold flakes in one coat that I did here, I had to put a pretty thick and gloopy coat of Gilty- obviously worth the trouble though. It settles after about 20 min, so wait before putting a topcoat on it to risk the flakes moving around and clumping each other.

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